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Having booked your holiday villa / apartment in Portugal - Algarve with us look forward to a relaxing and restful stay in your chosen location, as well as full service on-site.

After dealing with the booking formalities - provided you transferred the total amount of the rent 6 weeks before the beginning of your journey - the next step consists in organizing your arrival.

  • Therefore we'll be need your flight number and the time of arrival at the airport Faro or Lisbon, as well as a mobile number via which we can reach you in Portugal
  • If you chose to come by car, we'll need to discuss an approximate time of arrival.
  • Deviations from the scheduled arrival time, e.g. because of late flights, delays during transport of luggage and takeover of rented cars or car accidents must immediately be forwarded to us by phone so that we can rearrange your arrival.
  • Provided everything proceeds as planned, you will need to phone the employee who will be awaiting you at the holiday home / apartment as soon as you depart from the Faro airport. If you are heading off from Lisbon or decided to come by car, then please contact our employee approx. 1.5 hrs before your arrival by phone. Help us make sure we can greet you personally.
  • In good time prior to the start of your journey, we will send you detailed directions to your domicile by email, as well as the mobile number of the employee who will be awaiting you. Please stick to our directions and don't rely on a GPS system, as there still are regions without street names in Portugal.

Defects and disorders can occur in a holiday home / apartment, too - whether it is a blown bulb, or a damaged coffee maker that suddenly doesn't work anymore. All you need to do is give us a quick phone call and we'll take care of the problem in a timely matter, as we don't want anything to interfere with your stay. You can rely on our dependability and competence at all times. We're always zealous to offer our guests excellent service and an easy-going stay.

Sadly enough, even the most enjoyable days of the year have to come to an end and it's time for you to travel back home. We'll say goodbye to you personally on the day of your departure, or during the evening before (if you plan to leave early in the morning). Having inspected the house/apartment, we'll refund your security deposit, which you deposed on the day of your arrival.

We're grateful for all entries into our guest book as soon as you're safely backed home and have had time to recall the events of your stay!

Here's our range of holiday homes and apartments.

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